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P&O Transport Bus

P&O Transportation Bus Schedule from Alabang, Guinayangan, Lucena, Pacita Complex, PITX, Ragay, Tagkawayan Terminal. P&O Transport Contact Details

P&O Bus Contact Number

You can contact P&O at these mobile / landline numbers or via Facebook:
09151516093 – Calauag
09708431506 – Tagkawayan
09207992905 – Pacita
09456414200 – Guinayangan
Terminal: Alabang, Guinayangan, Pacita Complex, PITX, Ragay, Tagkawayan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/po.transport

Commutetour Page: https://commutetour.com/travel/transport/bus/po-transport

NOTICE: The fares and schedules listed here may subject to change without prior notice. Pls check with the bus companies for the updated details.

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Fare increase starting October 4, 2022

TransportNew Min FareAfter 4kmAfter 5km
Traditional jeep₱12₱1.80
Modern jeep₱14₱2.20
Ordinary City Bus ₱13₱2.25
Ordinary Provincial Bus₱11₱1.90
Aircon City Bus₱15₱2.64
Aircon Provincial Bus (Deluxe)₱15₱2.10
Aircon Provincial Bus (Super deluxe)₱2.35
Aircon Provincial Bus Luxury₱2.90
LTFRB Fare Increase effective October 4, 2022

For exact fares, you may contact the bus operators directly: commutetour.com/travel/transport/bus/bus-contact-number/

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P&O Transport Bus Terminal

Alabang, Guinayangan, Pacita Complex, PITX, Ragay, Tagkawayan

P&O Transportation Bus Schedule

AlabangLucena2:00 AM to 10:00 PM₱248P & O Transportation
AlabangRagay9:30 AMP & O Transportation
AlabangTagkawayan₱561P & O Transportation
TurbinaAlabang2:00 AM to 10:00 PMP & O Transportation
TurbinaGuinayangan10:00 AMP & O Transportation
TurbinaLucenaP & O Transportation
TurbinaPacita ComplexP & O Transportation
TurbinaRagay10:00 AMP & O Transportation
TurbinaTagkawayan6:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 4:00 AMP & O Transportation
GuinayanganAlabang8:00 AMP & O Transportation
GuinayanganPacita Complex9:00 AMP & O Transportation
Pacita ComplexGuinayangan9:30 AMP & O Transportation
Pacita ComplexTagkawayan5:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 3:30 PMP & O Transportation
PITXLucena6:30 AM₱292P & O Transportation
PITXTagkawayan6:30 AMP & O Transportation
RagayAlabang5:30 AMP & O Transportation
TagkawayanAlabang10:30 AMP & O Transportation
TagkawayanPacita Complex7:00 AM to 2:30 PMP & O Transportation
TagkawayanPITX8:30 PMP & O Transportation
P&O Transportation Bus Schedule

P&O Transport Bus Route

Alabang to Lucena
Alabang to Ragay
Alabang to Tagkawayan
Guinayangan to Alabang
Guinayangan to Pacita Complex
Pacita Complex to Guinayangan
Pacita Complex to Tagkawayan
PITX to Lucena
PITX to Tagkawayan
Ragay to Alabang
Tagkawayan to Alabang
Tagkawayan to Pacita Complex
Tagkawayan to PITX
Turbina to Alabang
Turbina to Guinayangan
Turbina to Lucena
Turbina to Pacita Complex
Turbina to Ragay
Turbina to Tagkawayan

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