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PNR Station List: Gov Pascual, Sangandaan, Asistio, 5th Avenue, Solis, Tutuban, Blumentritt, Laon Laan, España, Sta Mesa, Pandacan, Paco, San Andres, Vito Cruz, Buendia, Pasay Road, EDSA, Nichols, FTI, Bicutan, Sucat, Alabang, Muntinlupa, San Pedro, Pacita Main Gate, Golden City 2, Biñan, Sta Rosa, Cabuyao, Mamatid, Calamba, San Pablo, Tiaong, Candelaria, Lutucan, Sariaya, Lucena, Sipocot, Libmanan, Naga

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Fare increase starting October 4, 2022

TransportNew Min FareAfter 4kmAfter 5km
Traditional jeep₱12₱1.80
Modern jeep₱14₱2.20
Ordinary City Bus ₱13₱2.25
Ordinary Provincial Bus₱13₱1.90
Aircon City Bus₱15₱2.64
Aircon Provincial Bus (Deluxe)₱15₱2.10
Aircon Provincial Bus (Super deluxe)₱2.35
Aircon Provincial Bus Luxury₱2.90
LTFRB Fare Increase effective October 4, 2022

For exact fares, you may contact the bus operators directly:

PNR Schedule

TutubanAlabang5:36 AM, 6:36 AM, 7:06 AM, 8:06 AM, 9:06 AM, 10:06 AM, 11:06 AM, 12:06 PM, 1:06 PM, 2:06 PM, 3:06 PM, 3:56 PM, 4:46 PM, 5:56 PM, 6:46 PM
AlabangTutuban7:12 AM, 8:02 AM, 8:42 AM, 9:42 AM, 10:32 AM, 11:32 AM, 12:32 PM, 1:32 PM, 2:32 PM, 3:42 PM, 4:52 PM, 5:42 PM, 6:22 PM, 7:22 PM, 8:02 PM
TutubanCalamba7:26 PM
TutubanSan Pedro7:46 PM
TutubanGov. Pascual4:11 AM, 2:41 PM
Gov. PascualTutuban9:52 AM, 8:42 PM
Gov. PascualBicutan4:32 AM, 7:12 AM, 3:22 PM, 6:02 PM
BicutanGov.Pascual5:50 AM, 8:40 AM, 4:40 PM, 7:20 PM
CalambaSan Pablo6:30 PM
NagaSipocot5:20 AM, 10:40 AM, 3:30 PM
SipocotNaga6:40 AM, 12:00 PM, 4:50 PM
CalambaTutuban4:48 AM
LucenaSan Pablo5:00 AM
San PabloLucena7:00 AM
PNR Schedule

PNR Gov Pascual Station

PNR Gov Pascual Address: Potrero, Malabon, Metro Manila

PNR Gov Pascual Map

PNR Gov Pascual Schedule

Gov PascualBicutan4:32 AM, 5:52 AM, 7:12 AM, 8:22 AM, 3:12 PM, 5:52 PM
Gov PascualTutuban9:52 AM, 10:52 AM
PNR Gov Pascual Schedule

PNR Gov Pascual Fare

PNR Gov Pascual Route

Gov Pascual to Sangandaan
Gov Pascual to Asistio
Gov Pascual to 5th Avenue
Gov Pascual to Solis
Gov Pascual to Tutuban
Gov Pascual to Blumentritt
Gov Pascual to Laon Laan
Gov Pascual to España
Gov Pascual to Sta. Mesa
Gov Pascual to Pandacan
Gov Pascual to Paco
Gov Pascual to San Andres
Gov Pascual to Vito Cruz
Gov Pascual to Buendia
Gov Pascual to Pasay Road
Gov Pascual to EDSA
Gov Pascual to Nichols
Gov Pascual to FTI
Gov Pascual to Bicutan

PNR Sangandaan Station

PNR Sangandaan Address: Sangandaan, Caloocan, Metro Manila

PNR Sangandaan Map

PNR Sangandaan Schedule

SangandaanBicutan4:35 AM, 5:55 AM, 7:15 AM, 8:25 AM, 3:15 PM, 5:55 PM
SangandaanGov Pascual4:25 AM, 5:35 AM, 6:59 AM, 7:00 AM, 8:19 AM, 9:49 AM, 10:49 AM, 5:39 PM, 8:19 PM, 8:36 PM
SangandaanTutuban9:55 AM, 10:55 AM
PNR Sangandaan Schedule

PNR Sangandaan Fare

PNR Sangandaan Route

Sangandaan to Gov Pascual
Sangandaan to Asistio
Sangandaan to 5th Avenue
Sangandaan to Solis
Sangandaan to Tutuban
Sangandaan to Blumentritt
Sangandaan to Laon Laan
Sangandaan to España
Sangandaan to Sta. Mesa
Sangandaan to Pandacan
Sangandaan to Paco
Sangandaan to San Andres
Sangandaan to Vito Cruz
Sangandaan to Buendia
Sangandaan to Pasay Road
Sangandaan to EDSA
Sangandaan to Nichols
Sangandaan to FTI
Sangandaan to Bicutan

PNR Asistio Station

PNR Asistio Address: Macario Asistio Sr, Sangandaan, Caloocan, Kalakhang Maynila

PNR Asistio Map

PNR Asistio Schedule

AsistioBicutan4:38 AM, 5:58 AM, 7:18 AM, 8:28 AM, 3:18 PM, 5:58 PM
AsistioGov Pascual4:20 AM, 5:30 AM, 6:55 AM, 8:15 AM, 9:45 AM, 10:45 AM, 5:35 PM, 8:15 PM, 8:31 PM
AsistioTutuban9:58 AM, 10:58 AM
PNR Asistio Schedule

PNR Asistio Fare

PNR Asistio Route

Asistio to Gov Pascual
Asistio to Sangandaan
Asistio to 5th Avenue
Asistio to Solis
Asistio to Tutuban
Asistio to Blumentritt
Asistio to Laon Laan
Asistio to España
Asistio to Sta. Mesa
Asistio to Pandacan
Asistio to Paco
Asistio to San Andres
Asistio to Vito Cruz
Asistio to Buendia
Asistio to Pasay Road
Asistio to EDSA
Asistio to Nichols
Asistio to FTI
Asistio to Bicutan

PNR 5th Avenue Station

PNR 5th Avenue Address: Grace Park West, Caloocan, Metro Manila

PNR 5th Avenue Map

PNR 5th Avenue Schedule

5th AvenueBicutan4:41 AM, 6:01 AM, 7:21 AM, 8:31 AM, 3:21 PM, 6:01 PM
5th AvenueGov Pascual4:17 AM, 5:27 AM, 6:50 AM, 6:54 AM, 8:10 AM, 8:14 AM, 9:40 AM, 9:44 AM, 10:40 AM, 10:44 AM, 5:30 PM, 5:34 PM, 8:10 PM, 8:14 PM, 8:28 PM
5th AvenueTutuban10:01 AM, 11:01 AM
PNR 5th Avenue Schedule

PNR 5th Avenue Fare

PNR 5th Avenue Route

5th Avenue to Gov Pascual
5th Avenue to Sangandaan
5th Avenue to Asistio
5th Avenue to Solis
5th Avenue to Tutuban
5th Avenue to Blumentritt
5th Avenue to Laon Laan
5th Avenue to España
5th Avenue to Sta. Mesa
5th Avenue to Pandacan
5th Avenue to Paco
5th Avenue to San Andres
5th Avenue to Vito Cruz
5th Avenue to Buendia
5th Avenue to Pasay Road
5th Avenue to EDSA
5th Avenue to Nichols
5th Avenue to FTI
5th Avenue to Bicutan

PNR Solis Station

PNR Solis Address: Dagupan Ext, Tondo, Manila, Metro Manila

PNR Solis Map

PNR Solis Schedule

SolisBicutan4:46 AM, 6:06 AM, 7:26 AM, 8:36 AM, 3:26 PM, 6:06 PM
SolisGov Pascual4:16 AM, 5:24 AM, 6:47 AM, 8:07 AM, 9:37 AM, 10:37 AM, 5:27 PM, 8:07 PM, 8:25 PM
SolisTutuban10:06 AM, 11:06 AM
PNR Solis Schedule

PNR Solis Fare

PNR Solis Fare

Solis to Gov Pascual
Solis to Sangandaan
Solis to Asistio
Solis to 5th Avenue
Solis to Tutuban
Solis to Blumentritt
Solis to Laon Laan
Solis to España
Solis to Sta. Mesa
Solis to Pandacan
Solis to Paco
Solis to San Andres
Solis to Vito Cruz
Solis to Buendia
Solis to Pasay Road
Solis to EDSA
Solis to Nichols
Solis to FTI
Solis to Bicutan
Solis to Sucat
Solis to Alabang

PNR Tutuban Station / Divisoria

PNR Tutuban Address: Mayhaligue St., across Tutuban Centermall

PNR Tutuban Map

PNR Tutuban Schedule

TutubanAlabang5:36 AM, 6:36 AM, 7:06 AM, 8:06 AM, 9:06 AM, 10:06 AM, 11:06 AM, 12:06 PM, 1:06 PM, 3:06 PM, 3:56 PM, 4:36 PM, 5:36 PM, 6:36 PM
TutubanCalamba7:16 PM
TutubanGov Pascual4:11 AM, 5:21 AM, 8:22 PM

PNR Tutuban Fare

TutubanLaon Laan15Southbound
TutubanSta. Mesa15Southbound
TutubanSan Andres15Southbound
TutubanVito Cruz15Southbound
TutubanPasay Road15Southbound
TutubanSan Pedro40Southbound
TutubanPacita Main Gate40Southbound
TutubanGolden City 140Southbound
TutubanSta Rosa45Southbound
PNR Tutuban Fare

PNR Tutuban Route

Tutuban to Blumentritt
Tutuban to Laon Laan
Tutuban to España
Tutuban to Sta. Mesa
Tutuban to Pandacan
Tutuban to Paco
Tutuban to San Andres
Tutuban to Vito Cruz
Tutuban to Buendia
Tutuban to Pasay Road
Tutuban to EDSA
Tutuban to Nichols
Tutuban to FTI
Tutuban to Bicutan
Tutuban to Sucat
Tutuban to Alabang
Tutuban to Muntinlupa
Tutuban to San Pedro
Tutuban to Biñan
Tutuban to Sta Rosa
Tutuban to Cabuyao
Tutuban to Mamatid
Tutuban to Calamba
Tutuban to Gov Pascual
Tutuban to Sangandaan
Tutuban to Asistio
Tutuban to 5th Avenue
Tutuban to Solis

PNR Blumentritt Station

PNR Blumentritt Address: Corner Rizal Ave. near LRT Blummentritt Station

PNR Blumentritt Map

PNR Blumentritt Schedule

BlumentrittAlabang5:42 AM, 6:42 AM, 7:12 AM, 8:12 AM, 9:12 AM, 10:12 AM, 11:12 AM, 12:12 PM, 1:12 PM, 3:12 PM, 4:02 PM, 4:42 PM, 5:42 PM, 6:42 PM, 7:22 PM
BlumentrittCalamba7:22 PM
BlumentrittGov Pascual6:40 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 5:20 PM, 8:00 PM
BlumentrittTutuban6:40 AM, 8:00 AM, 8:16 AM, 9:06 AM, 9:30 AM, 9:46 AM, 10:30 AM, 10:46 AM, 11:06 AM, 11:36 AM, 12:36 PM, 1:36 PM, 2:46 PM, 3:36 PM, 4:46 PM, 5:20 PM, 5:36 PM, 6:26 PM, 7:16 PM, 8:00 PM, 8:16 PM, 9:06 PM
PNR Blumentritt Schedule

PNR Blumentritt Fare

BlumentrittLaon Laan15Southbound
BlumentrittSta. Mesa15Southbound
BlumentrittSan Andres15Southbound
BlumentrittVito Cruz15Southbound
BlumentrittPasay Road15Southbound
PNR Blumentritt Fare

PNR Blumentritt Route

PNR Laon Laan Station

PNR Laon Laan Address: In between Dapitan, Laong Laan, Algeciras and Antipolo Streets

PNR Laon Laan Map

PNR Laon Laan Schedule

Laon LaanAlabang5:46 AM, 6:46 AM, 7:16 AM, 8:16 AM, 9:16 AM, 10:16 AM, 11:16 AM, 12:16 PM, 1:16 PM, 3:16 PM, 4:06 PM, 4:46 PM, 5:46 PM, 6:46 PM, 7:26 PM
Laon LaanCalamba7:26 PM
Laon LaanGov Pascual6:38 AM, 7:58 AM, 9:28 AM, 10:28 AM, 5:18 PM, 7:58 PM
Laon LaanTutuban6:38 AM, 7:58 AM, 8:07 AM, 8:57 AM, 9:28 AM, 9:37 AM, 10:28 AM, 10:37 AM, 10:57 AM, 11:27 AM, 12:27 PM, 1:27 PM, 2:37 PM, 3:27 PM, 4:37 PM, 5:18 PM, 5:27 PM, 6:17 PM, 7:07 PM, 7:58 PM, 8:07 PM, 8:57 PM
PNR Laon Laan Schedule

PNR Laon Laan Fare

Laon LaanTutuban15Northbound
Laon LaanBlumentritt15Northbound
Laon LaanEspaña15Southbound
Laon LaanSta. Mesa15Southbound
Laon LaanPandacan15Southbound
Laon LaanPaco15Southbound
Laon LaanSan Andres15Southbound
Laon LaanVito Cruz15Southbound
Laon LaanBuendia15Southbound
Laon LaanPasay Road15Southbound
Laon LaanEDSA15Southbound
Laon LaanNichols15Southbound
Laon LaanFTI15Southbound
Laon LaanBicutan20Southbound
Laon LaanSucat25Southbound
Laon LaanAlabang25Southbound
PNR Laon Laan Fare

PNR Laon Laan Route

Laon Laan to Gov Pascual
Laon Laan to Sangandaan
Laon Laan to Asistio
Laon Laan to 5th Avenue
Laon Laan to Solis
Laon Laan to Tutuban
Laon Laan to Blumentritt
Laon Laan to España
Laon Laan to Sta. Mesa
Laon Laan to Pandacan
Laon Laan to Paco
Laon Laan to San Andres
Laon Laan to Vito Cruz
Laon Laan to Buendia
Laon Laan to Pasay Road
Laon Laan to EDSA
Laon Laan to Nichols
Laon Laan to FTI
Laon Laan to Bicutan
Laon Laan to Sucat
Laon Laan to Alabang
Laon Laan to Muntinlupa
Laon Laan to San Pedro
Laon Laan to Biñan
Laon Laan to Sta Rosa
Laon Laan to Cabuyao
Laon Laan to Mamatid
Laon Laan to Calamba

PNR España Station

PNR España Address: Between Antipolo and Algeciras Streets, along España boulevard

PNR España Map

PNR España Schedule

EspañaAlabang5:49 AM, 6:49 AM, 7:19 AM, 8:19 AM, 9:19 AM, 10:19 AM, 11:19 AM, 12:19 PM, 1:19 PM, 3:19 PM, 4:09 PM, 4:49 PM, 5:49 PM, 6:49 PM, 7:29 PM
EspañaBicutan5:04 AM, 6:24 AM, 7:44 AM, 8:54 AM, 3:44 PM, 6:24 PM
EspañaCalamba7:29 PM
EspañaGov Pascual6:35 AM, 7:55 AM, 9:25 AM, 10:25 AM, 5:15 PM, 7:55 PM
EspañaTutuban6:35 AM, 7:55 AM, 8:02 AM, 8:52 AM, 9:25 AM, 9:32 AM, 10:25 AM, 10:32 AM, 10:52 AM, 11:22 AM, 12:22 PM, 1:22 PM, 2:32 PM, 3:22 PM, 4:32 PM, 5:15 PM, 5:22 PM, 6:12 PM, 7:02 PM, 7:55 PM, 8:02 PM, 8:52 PM
PNR España Schedule

PNR España Fare

EspañaLaon Laan15Northbound
EspañaSta. Mesa15Southbound
EspañaSan Andres15Southbound
EspañaVito Cruz15Southbound
EspañaPasay Road15Southbound
PNR España Fare

PNR España Route

España to Gov Pascual
España to Sangandaan
España to Asistio
España to 5th Avenue
España to Solis
España to Tutuban
España to Blumentritt
España to Laon Laan
España to Sta. Mesa
España to Pandacan
España to Paco
España to San Andres
España to Vito Cruz
España to Buendia
España to Pasay Road
España to EDSA
España to Nichols
España to FTI
España to Bicutan
España to Sucat
España to Alabang
España to Muntinlupa
España to San Pedro
España to Biñan
España to Sta Rosa
España to Cabuyao
España to Mamatid
España to Calamba

PNR Sta. Mesa Station

PNR Sta. Mesa Address: Near Ramon Magsaysay Blvd, Sta Mesa, near PUP Main campus

PNR Sta. Mesa Map

PNR Sta. Mesa Schedule

Sta. MesaAlabang5:54 AM, 6:54 AM, 7:24 AM, 8:24 AM, 9:24 AM, 10:24 AM, 11:24 AM, 12:24 PM, 1:24 PM, 3:24 PM, 4:14 PM, 4:54 PM, 5:54 PM, 6:54 PM, 7:34 PM
Sta. MesaCalamba7:34 PM
Sta. MesaGov Pascual6:31 AM, 7:51 AM, 9:21 AM, 10:21 AM, 5:11 PM, 7:51 PM
Sta. MesaTutuban6:31 AM, 7:51 AM, 7:58 AM, 8:48 AM, 9:21 AM, 9:28 AM, 10:21 AM, 10:28 AM, 10:48 AM, 11:18 AM, 12:18 PM, 1:18 PM, 2:28 PM, 3:18 PM, 4:28 PM, 5:11 PM, 5:18 PM, 6:08 PM, 6:58 PM, 7:51 PM, 7:58 PM, 8:48 PM
PNR Sta. Mesa Schedule

PNR Sta. Mesa Fare

Sta. MesaTutuban15Northbound
Sta. MesaBlumentritt15Northbound
Sta. MesaLaon Laan15Northbound
Sta. MesaEspaña15Northbound
Sta. MesaPandacan15Southbound
Sta. MesaPaco15Southbound
Sta. MesaSan Andres15Southbound
Sta. MesaVito Cruz15Southbound
Sta. MesaBuendia15Southbound
Sta. MesaPasay Road15Southbound
Sta. MesaEDSA15Southbound
Sta. MesaNichols15Southbound
Sta. MesaFTI15Southbound
Sta. MesaBicutan15Southbound
Sta. MesaSucat20Southbound
Sta. MesaAlabang25Southbound
PNR Sta. Mesa Fare

PNR Sta. Mesa Route

Sta. Mesa to Gov Pascual
Sta. Mesa to Sangandaan
Sta. Mesa to Asistio
Sta. Mesa to 5th Avenue
Sta. Mesa to Solis
Sta. Mesa to Tutuban
Sta. Mesa to Blumentritt
Sta. Mesa to Laon Laan
Sta. Mesa to España
Sta. Mesa to Pandacan
Sta. Mesa to Paco
Sta. Mesa to San Andres
Sta. Mesa to Vito Cruz
Sta. Mesa to Buendia
Sta. Mesa to Pasay Road
Sta. Mesa to EDSA
Sta. Mesa to Nichols
Sta. Mesa to FTI
Sta. Mesa to Bicutan
Sta. Mesa to Sucat
Sta. Mesa to Alabang
Sta. Mesa to Muntinlupa
Sta. Mesa to San Pedro
Sta. Mesa to Biñan
Sta. Mesa to Sta Rosa
Sta. Mesa to Cabuyao
Sta. Mesa to Mamatid
Sta. Mesa to Calamba

PNR Pandacan Station

PNR Pandacan Address: Along Padre Zamora ( formerly Tomas Claudio) St. corner Beata, Pandacan

PNR Pandacan Map

PNR Pandacan Schedule

PandacanAlabang5:58 AM, 6:58 AM, 7:28 AM, 8:28 AM, 9:28 AM, 10:28 AM, 11:28 AM, 12:28 PM, 1:28 PM, 3:28 PM, 4:18 PM, 4:58 PM, 5:58 PM, 6:58 PM, 7:38 PM
PandacanCalamba7:38 PM
PandacanGov Pascual6:27 AM, 7:47 AM, 9:17 AM, 10:17 AM, 5:07 PM, 7:47 PM
PandacanTutuban6:27 AM, 7:47 AM, 7:53 AM, 8:43 AM, 9:17 AM, 9:23 AM, 10:17 AM, 10:23 AM, 10:43 AM, 11:13 AM, 12:13 PM, 1:13 PM, 2:23 PM, 3:13 PM, 4:23 PM, 5:07 PM, 5:13 PM, 6:03 PM, 6:53 PM, 7:47 PM, 7:53 PM, 8:43 PM
PNR Pandacan Schedule

PNR Pandacan Fare

PandacanLaon Laan15Northbound
PandacanSta. Mesa15Northbound
PandacanSan Andres15Southbound
PandacanVito Cruz15Southbound
PandacanPasay Road15Southbound
PNR Pandacan Fare

PNR Pandacan Route

Pandacan to Gov Pascual
Pandacan to Sangandaan
Pandacan to Asistio
Pandacan to 5th Avenue
Pandacan to Solis
Pandacan to Tutuban
Pandacan to Blumentritt
Pandacan to Laon Laan
Pandacan to España
Pandacan to Sta. Mesa
Pandacan to Paco
Pandacan to San Andres
Pandacan to Vito Cruz
Pandacan to Buendia
Pandacan to Pasay Road
Pandacan to EDSA
Pandacan to Nichols
Pandacan to FTI
Pandacan to Bicutan
Pandacan to Sucat
Pandacan to Alabang
Pandacan to Muntinlupa
Pandacan to San Pedro
Pandacan to Biñan
Pandacan to Sta Rosa
Pandacan to Cabuyao
Pandacan to Mamatid
Pandacan to Calamba

PNR Paco Station

PNR Paco Address: Quirino Ave near Plaza Dilao

PNR Paco Map

PNR Paco Schedule

PacoAlabang6:02 AM, 7:02 AM, 7:32 AM, 8:32 AM, 9:32 AM, 10:32 AM, 11:32 AM, 12:32 PM, 1:32 PM, 3:32 PM, 4:22 PM, 5:02 PM, 6:02 PM, 7:02 PM, 7:42 PM
PacoBicutan5:17 AM, 6:37 AM, 7:57 AM, 9:07 AM, 3:57 PM, 6:37 PM
PacoCalamba7:42 PM
PacoGov Pascual6:22 AM, 7:42 AM, 9:12 AM, 10:12 AM, 5:02 PM, 7:42 PM
PacoTutuban6:22 AM, 7:42 AM, 7:50 AM, 8:40 AM, 9:12 AM, 9:20 AM, 10:12 AM, 10:20 AM, 10:40 AM, 11:10 AM, 12:10 PM, 1:10 PM, 2:20 PM, 3:10 PM, 4:20 PM, 5:02 PM, 5:10 PM, 6:00 PM, 6:50 PM, 7:42 PM, 7:50 PM, 8:40 PM
PNR Paco Schedule

PNR Paco Fare

PacoLaon Laan15Northbound
PacoSta. Mesa15Northbound
PacoSan Andres15Southbound
PacoVito Cruz15Southbound
PacoPasay Road15Southbound
PNR Paco Fare

PNR Paco Route

Paco to Gov Pascual
Paco to Sangandaan
Paco to Asistio
Paco to 5th Avenue
Paco to Solis
Paco to Tutuban
Paco to Blumentritt
Paco to Laon Laan
Paco to España
Paco to Sta. Mesa
Paco to Pandacan
Paco to San Andres
Paco to Vito Cruz
Paco to Buendia
Paco to Pasay Road
Paco to EDSA
Paco to Nichols
Paco to FTI
Paco to Bicutan
Paco to Sucat
Paco to Alabang
Paco to Muntinlupa
Paco to San Pedro
Paco to Biñan
Paco to Sta Rosa
Paco to Cabuyao
Paco to Mamatid
Paco to Calamba

PNR San Andres Station

PNR San Andres Address: Located at the intersecton of Ariadores St., San Andres St., and Osmeña highway in San Andres, manila

PNR San Andres Map

PNR San Andres Schedule

San AndresAlabang6:05 AM, 7:05 AM, 7:35 AM, 8:35 AM, 9:35 AM, 10:35 AM, 11:35 AM, 12:35 PM, 1:35 PM, 3:35 PM, 4:25 PM, 5:05 PM, 6:05 PM, 7:05 PM, 7:45 PM
San AndresBicutan5:20 AM, 6:40 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:10 AM, 4:00 PM, 6:40 PM
San AndresCalamba7:45 PM
San AndresGov Pascual6:19 AM, 7:39 AM, 9:09 AM, 10:09 AM, 4:59 PM, 7:39 PM
San AndresTutuban6:19 AM, 7:39 AM, 7:47 AM, 8:37 AM, 9:09 AM, 9:17 AM, 10:09 AM, 10:17 AM, 10:37 AM, 11:07 AM, 12:07 PM, 1:07 PM, 2:17 PM, 3:07 PM, 4:17 PM, 4:59 PM, 5:07 PM, 5:57 PM, 6:47 PM, 7:39 PM, 7:47 PM, 8:37 PM
PNR San Andres Schedule

PNR San Andres Fare

San AndresTutuban15Northbound
San AndresBlumentritt15Northbound
San AndresLaon Laan15Northbound
San AndresEspaña15Northbound
San AndresSta. Mesa15Northbound
San AndresPandacan15Northbound
San AndresPaco15Northbound
San AndresVito Cruz15Southbound
San AndresBuendia15Southbound
San AndresPasay Road15Southbound
San AndresEDSA15Southbound
San AndresNichols15Southbound
San AndresFTI15Southbound
San AndresBicutan15Southbound
San AndresSucat15Southbound
San AndresAlabang20Southbound
PNR San Andres Fare

PNR San Andres Route

San Andres to Gov Pascual
San Andres to Sangandaan
San Andres to Asistio
San Andres to 5th Avenue
San Andres to Solis
San Andres to Tutuban
San Andres to Blumentritt
San Andres to Laon Laan
San Andres to España
San Andres to Sta. Mesa
San Andres to Pandacan
San Andres to Paco
San Andres to Vito Cruz
San Andres to Buendia
San Andres to Pasay Road
San Andres to EDSA
San Andres to Nichols
San Andres to FTI
San Andres to Bicutan
San Andres to Sucat
San Andres to Alabang
San Andres to Muntinlupa
San Andres to San Pedro
San Andres to Biñan
San Andres to Sta Rosa
San Andres to Cabuyao
San Andres to Mamatid
San Andres to Calamba

PNR Vito Cruz Station

PNR Vito Cruz Address: Corner of Pablo Ocampo Extension and Osmeña Highway, San Andres manila

PNR Vito Cruz Map

PNR Vito Cruz Schedule

Vito CruzAlabang6:07 AM, 7:07 AM, 7:37 AM, 8:37 AM, 9:37 AM, 10:37 AM, 11:37 AM, 12:37 PM, 1:37 PM, 3:37 PM, 4:27 PM, 5:07 PM, 6:07 PM, 7:07 PM, 7:47 PM
Vito CruzBicutan5:22 AM, 6:42 AM, 8:02 AM, 9:12 AM, 4:02 PM, 6:42 PM
Vito CruzCalamba7:47 PM
Vito CruzGov Pascual6:15 AM, 7:35 AM, 9:05 AM, 10:05 AM, 4:55 PM, 7:35 PM
Vito CruzTutuban6:15 AM, 7:35 AM, 7:43 AM, 8:33 AM, 9:05 AM, 9:13 AM, 10:05 AM, 10:13 AM, 10:33 AM, 11:03 AM, 12:03 PM, 1:03 PM, 2:13 PM, 3:03 PM, 4:13 PM, 4:55 PM, 5:03 PM, 5:53 PM, 6:43 PM, 7:35 PM, 7:43 PM, 8:33 PM
PNR Vito Cruz Schedule

PNR Vito Cruz Fare

Vito CruzTutuban15Northbound
Vito CruzBlumentritt15Northbound
Vito CruzLaon Laan15Northbound
Vito CruzEspaña15Northbound
Vito CruzSta. Mesa15Northbound
Vito CruzPandacan15Northbound
Vito CruzPaco15Northbound
Vito CruzSan Andres15Northbound
Vito CruzBuendia15Southbound
Vito CruzPasay Road15Southbound
Vito CruzEDSA15Southbound
Vito CruzNichols15Southbound
Vito CruzFTI15Southbound
Vito CruzBicutan15Southbound
Vito CruzSucat15Southbound
Vito CruzAlabang20Southbound
PNR Vito Cruz Fare

PNR Vito Cruz Route

Vito Cruz to Gov Pascual
Vito Cruz to Sangandaan
Vito Cruz to Asistio
Vito Cruz to 5th Avenue
Vito Cruz to Solis
Vito Cruz to Tutuban
Vito Cruz to Blumentritt
Vito Cruz to Laon Laan
Vito Cruz to España
Vito Cruz to Sta. Mesa
Vito Cruz to Pandacan
Vito Cruz to Paco
Vito Cruz to San Andres
Vito Cruz to Buendia
Vito Cruz to Pasay Road
Vito Cruz to EDSA
Vito Cruz to Nichols
Vito Cruz to FTI
Vito Cruz to Bicutan
Vito Cruz to Sucat
Vito Cruz to Alabang
Vito Cruz to Muntinlupa
Vito Cruz to San Pedro
Vito Cruz to Biñan
Vito Cruz to Sta Rosa
Vito Cruz to Cabuyao
Vito Cruz to Mamatid
Vito Cruz to Calamba

PNR Buendia Station

PNR Buendia Address: Corner of Gil Puyat(Buendia) and Osmeña Highway

PNR Buendia Map

PNR Buendia Schedule

BuendiaAlabang6:11 AM, 7:11 AM, 7:41 AM, 8:41 AM, 9:41 AM, 10:41 AM, 11:41 AM, 12:41 PM, 1:41 PM, 3:41 PM, 4:31 PM, 5:11 PM, 6:11 PM, 7:11 PM, 7:51 PM
BuendiaBicutan5:26 AM, 6:46 AM, 8:06 AM, 9:16 AM, 4:06 PM, 6:46 PM
BuendiaCalamba7:51 PM
BuendiaGov Pascual6:09 AM, 7:29 AM, 8:59 AM, 9:59 AM, 4:49 PM, 7:29 PM
BuendiaTutuban6:09 AM, 7:29 AM, 7:41 AM, 8:31 AM, 8:59 AM, 9:11 AM, 9:59 AM, 10:11 AM, 10:31 AM, 11:01 AM, 12:01 PM, 1:01 PM, 2:11 PM, 3:01 PM, 4:11 PM, 4:49 PM, 5:01 PM, 5:51 PM, 6:41 PM, 7:29 PM, 7:41 PM, 8:31 PM
PNR Buendia Schedule

PNR Buendia Fare

BuendiaLaon Laan15Northbound
BuendiaSta. Mesa15Northbound
BuendiaSan Andres15Northbound
BuendiaVito Cruz15Northbound
BuendiaPasay Road15Southbound
PNR Buendia Fare

PNR Buendia Route

Buendia to Gov Pascual
Buendia to Sangandaan
Buendia to Asistio
Buendia to 5th Avenue
Buendia to Solis
Buendia to Tutuban
Buendia to Blumentritt
Buendia to Laon Laan
Buendia to España
Buendia to Sta. Mesa
Buendia to Pandacan
Buendia to Paco
Buendia to San Andres
Buendia to Vito Cruz
Buendia to Pasay Road
Buendia to EDSA
Buendia to Nichols
Buendia to FTI
Buendia to Bicutan
Buendia to Sucat
Buendia to Alabang
Buendia to Muntinlupa
Buendia to San Pedro
Buendia to Biñan
Buendia to Sta Rosa
Buendia to Cabuyao
Buendia to Mamatid
Buendia to Calamba

PNR Pasay Road Station

PNR Pasay Road Address: In between Estacion Street and Osmeña Highway in Makati, near Waltermart Makati.

PNR Pasay Road Map

PNR Pasay Road Schedule

Pasay RoadAlabang6:14 AM, 7:14 AM, 7:44 AM, 8:44 AM, 9:44 AM, 10:44 AM, 11:44 AM, 12:44 PM, 1:44 PM, 3:44 PM, 4:34 PM, 5:14 PM, 6:14 PM, 7:14 PM, 7:54 PM
Pasay RoadBicutan5:29 AM, 6:49 AM, 8:09 AM, 9:19 AM, 4:09 PM, 6:49 PM
Pasay RoadCalamba7:54 PM
Pasay RoadGov Pascual6:04 AM, 7:24 AM, 8:54 AM, 9:54 AM, 4:44 PM, 7:24 PM
Pasay RoadTutuban6:04 AM, 7:24 AM, 7:38 AM, 8:28 AM, 8:54 AM, 9:08 AM, 9:54 AM, 10:08 AM, 10:28 AM, 10:58 AM, 11:58 AM, 12:58 PM, 2:08 PM, 2:58 PM, 4:08 PM, 4:44 PM, 4:58 PM, 5:48 PM, 6:38 PM, 7:24 PM, 7:38 PM, 8:28 PM
PNR Pasay Road Schedule

PNR Pasay Road Fare

Pasay RoadTutuban15Northbound
Pasay RoadBlumentritt15Northbound
Pasay RoadLaon Laan15Northbound
Pasay RoadEspaña15Northbound
Pasay RoadSta. Mesa15Northbound
Pasay RoadPandacan15Northbound
Pasay RoadPaco15Northbound
Pasay RoadSan Andres15Northbound
Pasay RoadVito Cruz15Northbound
Pasay RoadBuendia15Northbound
Pasay RoadEDSA15Southbound
Pasay RoadNichols15Southbound
Pasay RoadFTI15Southbound
Pasay RoadBicutan15Southbound
Pasay RoadSucat15Southbound
Pasay RoadAlabang15Southbound
PNR Pasay Road Fare

PNR Pasay Road Route

Pasay Road to Gov Pascual
Pasay Road to Sangandaan
Pasay Road to Asistio
Pasay Road to 5th Avenue
Pasay Road to Solis
Pasay Road to Tutuban
Pasay Road to Blumentritt
Pasay Road to Laon Laan
Pasay Road to España
Pasay Road to Sta. Mesa
Pasay Road to Pandacan
Pasay Road to Paco
Pasay Road to San Andres
Pasay Road to Vito Cruz
Pasay Road to Buendia
Pasay Road to EDSA
Pasay Road to Nichols
Pasay Road to FTI
Pasay Road to Bicutan
Pasay Road to Sucat
Pasay Road to Alabang
Pasay Road to Muntinlupa
Pasay Road to San Pedro
Pasay Road to Biñan
Pasay Road to Sta Rosa
Pasay Road to Cabuyao
Pasay Road to Mamatid
Pasay Road to Calamba

PNR EDSA Station

PNR EDSA Address: Located at the intersection of South Luzon Expressway and EDSA bellow the Magallanes Interchange, Makati City


PNR EDSA Schedule

EDSAAlabang6:17 AM, 7:17 AM, 7:47 AM, 8:47 AM, 9:47 AM, 10:47 AM, 11:47 AM, 12:47 PM, 1:47 PM, 3:47 PM, 4:37 PM, 5:17 PM, 6:17 PM, 7:17 PM, 7:57 PM
EDSABicutan5:32 AM, 6:52 AM, 8:12 AM, 9:22 AM, 4:12 PM, 6:52 PM
EDSACalamba7:57 PM
EDSAGov Pascual5:59 AM, 7:19 AM, 8:49 AM, 9:49 AM, 4:39 PM, 7:19 PM
EDSATutuban5:59 AM, 7:19 AM, 7:34 AM, 8:24 AM, 8:49 AM, 9:04 AM, 9:49 AM, 10:04 AM, 10:24 AM, 10:54 AM, 11:54 AM, 12:54 PM, 2:04 PM, 2:54 PM, 4:04 PM, 4:39 PM, 4:54 PM, 5:44 PM, 6:34 PM, 7:19 PM, 7:34 PM, 8:24 PM
PNR EDSA Schedule


EDSALaon Laan15Northbound
EDSASta. Mesa15Northbound
EDSASan Andres15Northbound
EDSAVito Cruz15Northbound
EDSAPasay Road15Northbound


EDSA to Gov Pascual
EDSA to Sangandaan
EDSA to Asistio
EDSA to 5th Avenue
EDSA to Solis
EDSA to Tutuban
EDSA to Blumentritt
EDSA to Laon Laan
EDSA to España
EDSA to Sta. Mesa
EDSA to Pandacan
EDSA to Paco
EDSA to San Andres
EDSA to Vito Cruz
EDSA to Buendia
EDSA to Pasay Road
EDSA to Nichols
EDSA to Bicutan
EDSA to Sucat
EDSA to Alabang
EDSA to Muntinlupa
EDSA to San Pedro
EDSA to Biñan
EDSA to Sta Rosa
EDSA to Cabuyao
EDSA to Mamatid
EDSA to Calamba

PNR Nichols Station

PNR Nichols Address: East Service Road of South Luzon Expressway in Taguig, in front of Nichol’s Interchange

PNR Nichols Map

PNR Nichols Schedule

NicholsAlabang6:22 AM, 7:22 AM, 7:52 AM, 8:52 AM, 9:52 AM, 10:52 AM, 11:52 AM, 12:52 PM, 1:52 PM, 3:52 PM, 4:42 PM, 5:22 PM, 6:22 PM, 7:22 PM, 8:02 PM
NicholsBicutan5:37 AM, 6:57 AM, 8:17 AM, 9:27 AM, 4:17 PM, 6:57 PM
NicholsCalamba8:02 PM
NicholsGov Pascual5:56 AM, 7:16 AM, 8:46 AM, 9:46 AM, 4:36 PM, 7:16 PM
NicholsTutuban5:56 AM, 7:16 AM, 7:30 AM, 8:20 AM, 8:46 AM, 9:00 AM, 9:46 AM, 10:00 AM, 10:20 AM, 10:50 AM, 11:50 AM, 12:50 PM, 2:00 PM, 2:50 PM, 4:00 PM, 4:36 PM, 4:50 PM, 5:40 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:16 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:20 PM
PNR Nichols Schedule

PNR Nichols Fare

NicholsLaon Laan15Northbound
NicholsSta. Mesa15Northbound
NicholsSan Andres15Northbound
NicholsVito Cruz15Northbound
NicholsPasay Road15Northbound

PNR Nichols Route

Nichols to Gov Pascual
Nichols to Sangandaan
Nichols to Asistio
Nichols to 5th Avenue
Nichols to Solis
Nichols to Tutuban
Nichols to Blumentritt
Nichols to Laon Laan
Nichols to España
Nichols to Sta. Mesa
Nichols to Pandacan
Nichols to Paco
Nichols to San Andres
Nichols to Vito Cruz
Nichols to Buendia
Nichols to Pasay Road
Nichols to EDSA
Nichols to FTI
Nichols to Bicutan
Nichols to Sucat
Nichols to Alabang
Nichols to Muntinlupa
Nichols to San Pedro
Nichols to Biñan
Nichols to Sta Rosa
Nichols to Cabuyao
Nichols to Mamatid
Nichols to Calamba

PNR FTI Station

PNR FTI Address: East Service Road of South Luzon Expressway in Taguig, near C-5 ramp


PNR FTI Schedule

FTIAlabang6:26 AM, 7:26 AM, 7:56 AM, 8:56 AM, 9:56 AM, 10:56 AM, 11:56 AM, 12:56 PM, 1:56 PM, 3:56 PM, 4:46 PM, 5:26 PM, 6:26 PM, 7:26 PM, 8:06 PM
FTIBicutan5:41 AM, 7:01 AM, 8:21 AM, 9:31 AM, 4:21 PM, 7:01 PM
FTICalamba8:06 PM
FTIGov Pascual5:55 AM, 7:13 AM, 8:43 AM, 9:43 AM, 4:33 PM, 7:13 PM
FTITutuban5:55 AM, 7:13 AM, 7:25 AM, 8:15 AM, 8:43 AM, 8:55 AM, 9:43 AM, 9:55 AM, 10:15 AM, 10:45 AM, 11:45 AM, 12:45 PM, 1:55 PM, 2:45 PM, 3:55 PM, 4:33 PM, 4:45 PM, 5:35 PM, 6:25 PM, 7:13 PM, 7:25 PM, 8:15 PM
PNR FTI Schedule


FTILaon Laan₱15Northbound
FTISta. Mesa₱15Northbound
FTISan Andres₱15Northbound
FTIVito Cruz₱15Northbound
FTIPasay Road₱15Northbound


FTI to Gov Pascual
FTI to Sangandaan
FTI to Asistio
FTI to 5th Avenue
FTI to Solis
FTI to Tutuban
FTI to Blumentritt
FTI to Laon Laan
FTI to España
FTI to Sta. Mesa
FTI to Pandacan
FTI to Paco
FTI to San Andres
FTI to Vito Cruz
FTI to Buendia
FTI to Pasay Road
FTI to Nichols
FTI to Bicutan
FTI to Sucat
FTI to Alabang
FTI to Muntinlupa
FTI to San Pedro
FTI to Biñan
FTI to Sta Rosa
FTI to Cabuyao
FTI to Mamatid
FTI to Calamba

PNR Bicutan Station

PNR Bicutan Address: General Santos Aveñue in Paranaque, near SM Bicutan

PNR Bicutan Map

PNR Bicutan Schedule

BicutanAlabang6:31 AM, 7:31 AM, 8:01 AM, 9:01 AM, 10:01 AM, 11:01 AM, 12:01 PM, 1:01 PM, 2:01 PM, 4:01 PM, 4:51 PM, 5:31 PM, 6:31 PM, 7:31 PM, 8:11 PM
BicutanCalamba8:11 PM
BicutanGov Pascual5:50 AM, 7:10 AM, 8:40 AM, 9:40 AM, 4:30 PM, 7:10 PM
BicutanTutuban5:50 AM, 7:10 AM, 7:22 AM, 8:12 AM, 8:40 AM, 8:52 AM, 9:40 AM, 9:52 AM, 10:12 AM, 10:42 AM, 11:42 AM, 12:42 PM, 1:52 PM, 2:42 PM, 3:52 PM, 4:30 PM, 4:42 PM, 5:32 PM, 6:22 PM, 7:10 PM, 7:22 PM, 8:12 PM
PNR Bicutan Schedule

PNR Bicutan Fare

BicutanLaon Laan₱20Northbound
BicutanSta. Mesa₱15Northbound
BicutanSan Andres₱15Northbound
BicutanVito Cruz₱15Northbound
BicutanPasay Road₱15Northbound

PNR Bicutan Route

Bicutan to Gov Pascual
Bicutan to Sangandaan
Bicutan to Asistio
Bicutan to 5th Avenue
Bicutan to Solis
Bicutan to Tutuban
Bicutan to Blumentritt
Bicutan to Laon Laan
Bicutan to España
Bicutan to Sta. Mesa
Bicutan to Pandacan
Bicutan to Paco
Bicutan to San Andres
Bicutan to Vito Cruz
Bicutan to Buendia
Bicutan to Pasay Road
Bicutan to EDSA
Bicutan to Nichols
Bicutan to FTI
Bicutan to Sucat
Bicutan to Alabang
Bicutan to Muntinlupa
Bicutan to San Pedro
Bicutan to Biñan
Bicutan to Sta Rosa
Bicutan to Cabuyao
Bicutan to Mamatid
Bicutan to Calamba

PNR Sucat Station

PNR Sucat Address: Along Meralco Road, Muntinlupa City

PNR Sucat Map

PNR Sucat Schedule

SucatAlabang6:40 AM, 7:40 AM, 8:10 AM, 9:10 AM, 10:10 AM, 11:10 AM, 12:10 PM, 1:10 PM, 2:10 PM, 4:10 PM, 5:00 PM, 5:40 PM, 6:40 PM, 7:40 PM, 8:20 PM
SucatCalamba8:20 PM
SucatTutuban7:18 AM, 8:08 AM, 8:48 AM, 9:48 AM, 10:08 AM, 10:38 AM, 11:38 AM, 12:38 PM, 1:48 PM, 2:38 PM, 3:48 PM, 4:38 PM, 5:28 PM, 6:18 PM, 7:18 PM, 8:08 PM
PNR Sucat Schedule

PNR Sucat Fare

SucatLaon Laan₱25Northbound
SucatSta. Mesa₱20Northbound
SucatSan Andres₱15Northbound
SucatVito Cruz₱15Northbound
SucatPasay Road₱15Northbound
PNR Sucat Fare

PNR Sucat Route

Sucat to Tutuban
Sucat to Blumentritt
Sucat to Laon Laan
Sucat to España
Sucat to Sta. Mesa
Sucat to Pandacan
Sucat to Paco
Sucat to San Andres
Sucat to Vito Cruz
Sucat to Buendia
Sucat to Pasay Road
Sucat to EDSA
Sucat to Nichols
Sucat to FTI
Sucat to Bicutan
Sucat to Alabang
Sucat to Muntinlupa
Sucat to San Pedro
Sucat to Biñan
Sucat to Sta Rosa
Sucat to Cabuyao
Sucat to Mamatid
Sucat to Calamba

PNR Alabang Station

PNR Alabang Address: Along T. Molina Street in Alabang, Muntinlupa, back of Starmall

PNR Alabang Map

PNR Alabang Schedule

AlabangCalamba8:28 PM
AlabangTutuban7:12 AM, 8:02 AM, 8:42 AM, 9:42 AM, 10:02 AM, 10:32 AM, 11:32 AM, 12:32 PM, 1:42 PM, 2:32 PM, 3:42 PM, 4:32 PM, 5:22 PM, 6:12 PM, 7:12 PM, 8:02 PM

PNR Alabang Fare

AlabangLaon Laan₱25Northbound
AlabangSta. Mesa₱25Northbound
AlabangSan Andres₱20Northbound
AlabangVito Cruz₱20Northbound
AlabangPasay Road₱15Northbound
PNR Alabang Fare

PNR Alabang Route

Alabang to Tutuban
Alabang to Blumentritt
Alabang to Laon Laan
Alabang to España
Alabang to Sta. Mesa
Alabang to Pandacan
Alabang to Paco
Alabang to San Andres
Alabang to Vito Cruz
Alabang to Buendia
Alabang to Pasay Road
Alabang to EDSA
Alabang to Nichols
Alabang to FTI
Alabang to Bicutan
Alabang to Sucat
Alabang to Muntinlupa
Alabang to San Pedro
Alabang to Biñan
Alabang to Sta Rosa
Alabang to Cabuyao
Alabang to Mamatid
Alabang to Calamba

PNR San Pablo Station

PNR San Pablo Address: _

PNR San Pablo Map

PNR San Pablo Schedule

San PabloCandelaria7:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM
San PabloLucena7:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM
San PabloLutucan7:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM
San PabloSariaya7:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM
San PabloTiaong7:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM
PNR San Pablo Schedule

PNR San Pablo Fare

San PabloTiaong₱15Southbound
San PabloCandelaria₱25Southbound
San PabloLutucan₱35Southbound
San PabloSariaya₱40Southbound
San PabloLucena₱50Southbound
PNR San Pablo Fare

PNR San Pablo Route

San Pablo to Tiaong
San Pablo to Candelaria
San Pablo to Lutucan
San Pablo to Sariaya
San Pablo to Lucena

PNR Tiaong Station

PNR Tiaong Address: _

PNR Tiaong Map

PNR Tiaong Schedule

TiaongCandelaria7:20 AM, 11:20 AM, 3:50 PM, 7:50 PM
TiaongLucena7:20 AM, 11:20 AM, 3:50 PM, 7:50 PM
TiaongLutucan7:20 AM, 11:20 AM, 3:50 PM, 7:50 PM
TiaongSan Pablo6:13 AM, 10:13 AM, 2:43 PM, 6:43 PM
TiaongSariaya7:20 AM, 11:20 AM, 3:50 PM, 7:50 PM
PNR Tiaong Schedule

PNR Tiaong Fare

TiaongSan Pablo₱15Northbound
PNR Tiaong Fare

PNR Tiaong Route

Tiaong to San Pablo
Tiaong to Candelaria
Tiaong to Lutucan
Tiaong to Sariaya
Tiaong to Lucena

PNR Candelaria Station

PNR Candelaria Address: Public Market Road, Candelaria, Quezon

PNR Candelaria Map

PNR Candelaria Schedule

CandelariaLucena7:48 AM, 11:48 AM, 4:18 PM, 8:18 PM
CandelariaLutucan7:48 AM, 11:48 AM, 4:18 PM, 8:18 PM
CandelariaSan Pablo5:45 AM, 9:45 AM, 2:15 PM, 6:15 PM
CandelariaSariaya7:48 AM, 11:48 AM, 4:18 PM, 8:18 PM
CandelariaTiaong6:13 AM, 10:13 AM, 2:43 PM, 6:43 PM
PNR Candelaria Schedule

PNR Candelaria Fare

CandelariaSan Pablo₱25Northbound
PNR Candelaria Fare

PNR Candelaria Route

Candelaria to Tiaong
Candelaria to San Pablo
Candelaria to Lutucan
Candelaria to Sariaya
Candelaria to Lucena

PNR Lutucan Station

PNR Lutucan Address: Sariaya, Quezon

PNR Lutucan Map

PNR Lutucan Schedule

LutucanCandelaria5:28 AM, 9:28 AM, 1:58 PM, 5:58 PM
LutucanLucena8:04 AM, 12:04 PM, 4:34 PM, 8:34 PM
LutucanSan Pablo5:28 AM, 9:28 AM, 1:58 PM, 5:58 PM
LutucanSariaya8:04 AM, 12:04 PM, 4:34 PM, 8:34 PM
LutucanTiaong5:28 AM, 9:28 AM, 1:58 PM, 5:58 PM
PNR Lutucan Schedule

PNR Lutucan Fare

LucenaSan Pablo₱50Northbound
LutucanSan Pablo₱35Northbound
PNR Lutucan Fare

PNR Lutucan Route

Lutucan to Candelaria
Lutucan to Sariaya
Lutucan to Lucena
Lutucan to Tiaong
Lutucan to San Pablo

PNR Sariaya Station

PNR Sariaya Address: Sariaya Quezon

PNR Sariaya Map

PNR Sariaya Schedule

SariayaCandelaria5:17 AM, 9:17 AM, 1:47 PM, 5:47 PM
SariayaLucena8:15 AM, 12:15 PM, 4:45 PM, 8:45 PM
SariayaLutucan5:17 AM, 9:17 AM, 1:47 PM, 5:47 PM
SariayaSan Pablo5:17 AM, 9:17 AM, 1:47 PM, 5:47 PM
SariayaTiaong5:17 AM, 9:17 AM, 1:47 PM, 5:47 PM
PNR Sariaya Schedule

PNR Sariaya Fare

SariayaSan Pablo₱40Northbound
PNR Sariaya Fare

PNR Sariaya Route

Sariaya to Candelaria
Sariaya to Lutucan
Sariaya to Lucena
Sariaya to Tiaong
Sariaya to San Pablo

PNR Lucena Station

PNR Lucena Address: _

PNR Lucena Map

PNR Lucena Schedule

LucenaCandelaria5:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM
LucenaLutucan5:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM
LucenaSan Pablo5:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM
LucenaSariaya5:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM
LucenaTiaong5:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM
PNR Lucena Schedule

PNR Lucena Fare

LucenaSan Pablo₱50Northbound
PNR Lucena Fare

PNR Lucena Route

Lucena to Lutucan
Lucena to Sariaya
Lucena to Candelaria
Lucena to Tiaong
Lucena to San Pablo

MRT TAFT to Trinoma Stations

Here’s the list of MRT Stations – Taft Ave. Magallanes Ayala Buendia Guadalupe Boni Shaw Blvd. Ortigas Santolan Annapolis Araneta Cubao GMA Kamuning Quezon Ave. North Ave.

Eto and listahan ng MRT Stations – Taft Ave. Magallanes, Ayala, Buendia, Guadalupe, Boni, Shaw Blvd. Ortigas, Santolan Annapolis, Araneta Cubao, GMA Kamuning, Quezon Ave. North Ave.

North AveQuezon AveKamuningCubaoSantolanOrtigasShawBoniGuadalupeBuendiaAyalaMagallanesTaft
North Ave131316162020202424242828
Quezon Ave131313161620202024242428

LRT 1 Baclaran to Balintawak

The minimum fare for LRT 1 is ₱11 for the Stored Value Cards (Beep) ₱15 Single Journey Ticket while the maximum fare end to end is ₱30.

The new LRT 1 fare matrix effective August 2, 2023 is as follows: ₱14 minimum fare, ₱33 maximum fare for Stored Value cards while ₱15 – ₱35 for Single Journey Tickets. Entry and Exit on the same station is charged ₱13 for Stored Value Cards. You can check the updated fares here

LRT 1 Schedule for Northbound from Baclaran to Roosevelt is from 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM from Monday to Friday and 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Meanwhile, the train schedule for southbound from Roosevelt to Baclaran Station 4:30 AM to 10:15 PM from Monday to Friday and 4:30 AM to 9:45 PM every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Ang minimum na pamasahe sa LRT 1 ay ₱11 para sa Stored Value Cards (Beep), ₱15 para sa Single Journey Ticket at maximum na ₱29 para sa Stored Value Cards (Beep) at ₱30 para sa Single Journey Ticket.

Ang bagong pamasahe ng LRT 1 simula August 2, 2023 ay ang sumusunod: ₱14 minimum fare ₱33 maximum fare para sa Stored Value cards samantalang ₱15 – ₱35 para sa Single Journey Tickets. Ang pagpasok at paglabas sa parehong estasyon ay may bayad na ₱13 para sa Stored Value Cards.

Ang schedule ng LRT 1 mula sa EDSA Taft / Baclaran papuntang Balintawak Station ay mula 4:30 AM (first trip) hanggang 10:00 PM mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes at 4:30 AM hanggang 9:30 PM tuwing Sabado, Lingo at Holidays. Samantalang ang southbound naman mula Roosevelt papuntang Baclaran Station ay mula 4:30 ng umaga hanggang 10:15 ng gabi mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes at 4:30 ng umaga hanggang 9:45 ng gabi tuwing Sabado, Lingo at Holidays.

Gil Puyat₱15₱13
Vito Cruz₱15₱14
Pedro Gil₱15₱15
Un Avenue₱20₱16
Doroteo Jose₱20₱19
Abad Santos₱30₱22
5th Avenue₱30₱23
LRT Baclaran to Balintawak
5th Avenue₱15₱15
Abad Santos₱20₱16
Doroteo Jose₱20₱19
Un Avenue₱30₱22
Pedro Gil₱30₱22
Vito Cruz₱30₱24
Gil Puyat₱30₱25
LRT Balintawak to Baclaran

LRT 2 Fare Matrix

The fare from Antipolo to Recto on LRT Line 2 is ₱28 for stored value and ₱30 for single journey ticket. The cheapest fare is ₱11 for stored value and ₱15 for single journey. The LRT 2 stations from Recto station are Recto, Legarda, Pureza, V Mapa, J ruiz, Gilmore, Betty Go Belmonte, Cubao Araneta Center, Anonas, Katipunan, Santolan, Marikina, and Antipolo. MRT 3 and LRT 2 will meet at Cubao Araneta Station while LRT 1 and LRT 2 will meet at Recto Station.

Ang Pamasahe mula Antipolo papuntang Recto sa LRT Line 2 ay ₱28 kapag stored value at ₱30 naman kapag single journey ticket. Ang pinakamurang pamasahe naman ay ₱11 sa stored value at ₱15 naman sa single journey. Ang mga stasyon ng LRT 2 mula Recto station ay Recto, Legarda, Pureza, V Mapa, J ruiz, Gilmore, Betty Go Belmonte, Cubao Araneta Center, Anonas, Katipunan, Santolan, Marikina, at Antipolo. Ang MRT 3 at LRT 2 ay magsasalubong sa Cubao Araneta Station samantalang ang LRT 1 at LRT 2 naman ay sa Recto Station.

V Mapa15141311131415161819212325
J Ruiz16151413111213141617192123
Betty Go 18171615131211121415171921
Cubao 19181716141312111213151720
LRT 2 Stored Value Fare Matrix
V Mapa151515151515202020252525
J Ruiz201515151515152020202525
Betty Go 202020151515151515202025
Cubao 202020201515151515152020
LRT 2 Single Journey Fare Matrix

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